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We at Jeanne Maureen’s European Salon are dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends in our industry. We strive for nothing but excellence when it comes to different styles, cuts, color, and technique. Our staff travels world wide to attend the best educational seminars possible. A quick word about our hair cutting design team… Our talented group of hair designers consult with you before each service. We take into consideration your hair texture and facial structure, as well as your life style. The end result is a cut that works well and looks good – from the time you leave to the time you return.


 starts at
Women’s Cuts Junior Stylist$40.00
Women’s Cuts Master Stylist$50.00
Women’s Cuts Jeanne Maureen$60.00
Men’s Cuts$25.00
Men’s Transformation Cut$30.00
Children’s Cuts $25.00
Signature Blowout Style. Hair cleansing, conditioning and blow drying$25.00
Thermal Styles. A full Signature Blowout Style finished with a flat iron for extra sleek straightening$35.00
Special Occasion Style. A style for that special event. (Does not include cleaning and blow drying)$65.00
Bride with Veil. A special occasion style with a veil$75.00


*Prices vary and are subject to change depending on the length and thickness of the hair.


True Dedication to Color – Your hair color is a part of a total picture – Great color goes hand in hand with great cut to help define your own personal style – Our goal is to help you enhance your image rather than change it – Hair color creates contrast and definition by placing lightness or darkness or both in precise patterns – Our colorists are trained to perform many different highlighting techniques that will unite your color with your hair cut or facial shape

Couture Color Illumina
Turn back time with color- with the most natural looking color from Wella which has up to 100% gray coverage  multi-dimensional shine and incredible hair conditioning.

Color Illumina
A luxurious balance of beauty and well- being, for ingredient conscious clients, that reduces the risk of allergic reactions to color.

Color Illumina Retouch
Maintain your color results with this retouch application focusing on regrowth.

Color Shine Boost
Unbelievable shine and conditioning; in just five minutes your hair will look and feel as if it were never colored at all.

Freelights Hairpainting
Premium highlights that look and grow out more naturally.

Single Tone Color
See how these rich saturated tones can help you achieve our iconic look.

Single Tone Retouch
Maintain your iconic look with a retouch service focusing on regrowth.

Foil Highlighting
Whole head highlighting, providing lightness or depth throughout the entire head.

Multi- Dimensional Color Foiling 
Whole head highlight, using three or more colors for multi- dimensional color effect.

Spot Lights
Fifteen foils or less- great way to affordably enhance your style and features with little commitment.

Partial Highlight
Highlights for half  the head. Great way to extend the life of a full head highlight. Partial includes top and sides of head.

Color Between Highlights
Color is applied to hair not enclosed in foils. Great for gray coverage or lowlighting between the foils.

Color Fusion
A service to give perfect harmony between your regrowth and highlight.

Corrective Color
To correct undesirable color or desire to completely change your current color.

Double Process Blonding
All over lighten and tonal glazing for the purest blondes.

Men’s Luxury Color
The most natural looking color from Wella with custom applications from masking to completely covering gray.

Luxury Color ServicesColor Services start at
Color Illumina$80.00+
Color Illumina Retouch$75.00+
Men’s Luxury Color$50.00+
Color Shine Boost$35.00
Freelights Hairpainting$145.00+
Iconic Color Services 
Single Tone Color$75.00+
Single Tone Retouch$75.00
Men’s Signature Color Services$50.00
Creative Color Services 
Foil Highlighting$105.00+
Multi-Dimensional Color Foiling$110.00+
Spot Lights$65.00+
Partial Highlights$85.00+
Color Between Highlights$110.00+
Color Fusion$50.00
Color Fusion added to highlight$25.00
Corrective Color$160.00+
Double Process Blonding$90.00+
Fashion ColorConsultation Required

*Prices vary and are subject to change depending on the length and thickness of the hair and also the amount of color applied to the hair. Styles are included in the prices.


Specialty Conditioning Treatments by Jeanne Maureen’s

Kerastase Masque
Hair masque that deeply nourishes and moisturizes the hair.

 Kerastase Vial
Deep in-Salon treatment for for all hair needs, blow out included. Can be customized for hair discipline, breakage, moisture or volume.

Wella Oil Reflective Blowout 
Hair nourishing and repair service that captivates all other senses.

Designer Waves
A treatment used to reform structure of the hair by using constructing rods and a permanent solution.

Brazilian Smoothing Blowout
This treatment improves the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth cuticle. Also, increases shine, moisture, and volume. Treatment last 3 to 4 months. (Consultation required)

Keratin Express Smoothing Blowout
A treatment for the hair that increases shine, moisture and condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. Also increases shine, moisture, and volume. Treatment last 4 to 6 weeks. (Consultation required)

 Hair Extensions
Imagine having thick, long, healthy-looking hair that, until now, has been almost unattainable. SHE introduces a new hair extension process that will transform hair into a full-bodied, long, richly textured, and stunning look. The process is the most natural hair extension system available today. Only 100% human hair is used and the supply is the best quality. The hair extensions are very easy to apply and remove without any damage to the clients’ hair. Each extension comes with an advanced Keratin-protein bonding technology. Keratin is pre-applied to the trimmed end of each hair extension. The hair extension is then fused with your natural hair, creating a natural bond. Once the extension application process is complete, your hair will be cut to the desired length and styled. Following the application of the hair extensions, it is crucial that a maintenance and follow-up schedule be developed. We also offer an alternative to SHE extensions. Our alternatives are clip-in extensions, which can be taken in and out of the hair. Remember, regardless of how natural and real your hair extensions look and feel, they must be properly cared for to ensure long-lasting beauty.

Hair Treatments

Kerastase Masque
Hair masque added to service that deeply nourishes and moisturizes the hair
Kerastase Vial
Deep treatment for repair and moisture, blow out included.
Wella Oil Reflective Blowout
Hair nourishing and repair service that captivates all other senses
Brazilian Keratin Treatment
Styling and finishing are included
Starts at $275
Designer Waves
Traditional Body Texture Spiral Reconstruction Chemical Relaxing treatment used to reform structure of the hair by using constructing rods and a permanent solution
Starts at $90

*Prices vary and are subject to change depending on the length and thickness of the hair. Styles are included in the prices.
*Depending on the condition, texture, and dryness of your hair, our Specialist will recommend the best Treatment for detoxifying and repairing your hair.


Bridal and Special Occasion cosmetic services by Jeanne Maureen’s


Special Occasion$60.00
Make-Up Lessonstarts at $60.00
Air Brush$75.00
Temporary Eyelash Strips$20.00
(add to any makeup application)$10.00
Brow Shaping$25.00

Lashes and Brows

Temporary Eyelash Strips$20.00
Brow Shaping$25.00
Lash Lift and Tint$75.00
Henna Brow Tint and Wax$55.00
Lash Extensions$150.00
Mink Eyelash Extensions$150.00
Refill/Touch Up’sstarts at $55.00
Our Stylists have completed both state required formal education and in house advanced seminars with a minimum of 2 years hands-on, supervised experience. Junior Stylists have completed a series of continual education seminars with a variety of stylist/masters in the industry and up to 5 years hands-on experience. Master Stylists have extensive experience and diverse advanced education with more than 5 years hands-on experience. These Stylist are dedicated, educated and experienced hair artists. Cuts & Styles Color Hair Treatments.

Salon Services
*Customer satisfaction is our goal. Any concerns about your services need to be addressed within 5 days of your original appointment.

*After 1 no-show, we have the right to refuse service.

*A client may be asked to leave a deposit on file to hold an appointment. The deposit will go towards your service. The deposit will be forfeited if the appointment is no showed or cancelled within 24 hours.